First Training/business mission from Iran to the Netherlands

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First Training/business mission from Iran to the Netherlands

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After the lifting of the embargo against Iran, the way is cleared  to enter into business with Iranian partners. In recent months, Iran has become the hotspot of trade delegations from Europe and other continents. The ability to do business in this untouched market attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs. With 80 million inhabitants, the Iranian market is characterized by a highly trained and very young and urbanized population.

We, EUmanage and Tradeport in corporation with WTC (World Trade Center) and Asre Iranian, are proud to announce the first incoming trade mission from Iran to the Netherlands.


The incoming multi sectoral delegation, consisting of business owners and institutional managers (banks and cooperatives), will visit the Netherlands in the period from Sunday, October 30th to Sunday, November 6th. The focus of the mission will be on developing their competences regarding the export management and exploring institutional and commercial relations with Dutch partners.

During this visit we will offer  trainings, master classes, B2B meetings and site visits to participants. This is the first time we get such a Iranian training/trade delegation to North and East Netherlands.

The program starts on Monday morning with an introduction by WTC Leeuwarden and following contributions from Chamber of Commerce (Freek Kouw) Tradeport ( Kemal Aktepe), Windesheim (Huub Ruel) and NOM. The language of instruction is English. It promises to be a very interesting and educational mission.

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