Shall we discover Kavir in Iran again

Shall we discover Kavir in Iran again


Happy travelers who wants to join me to make this pop-up adventure trip!

Dasht-e Kavir, also known the Great Salt Desert, is a large desert lying in the middle of the Iranian plateau, about 300 kilometres east-southeast of Tehran. The desert is about 800 kilometres long and 320 kilometres wide, and composed of mud and salt marshes (kavirs). Tens of millions of years ago, this region was occupied by a salt-rich ocean that surround a small piece of continent in what is now central Iran. As the ocean dried up, it left behind a layer of mud and rocks underneath which the salt layer lay. This area covers an hidden treasure inside it. A desert where you will find adventures that makes you breathless, with endless memories and unforgettable experiences it is like no other. Learn to look at the herbs and you may enjoy learning about deserts nature and its plants that can be used as cooking spices, prevention, supplements and  the treatment of several illnesses. There are 8000 kinds of Herbals in Iran that more than 2300 of them are in the field of Medicinal and Aromatic usages, and from which 450 kind are on sale in the Apothecaries throughout Iran. Distillates are from the most common usages of the plants. Today we have more than 40 kinds of plants from which we get extract and use them in Medical usages.

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