EUmanage iconEUmanage is involved in all sorts of projects which take place in all sorts of countries. This is what makes us all round and developed. Our experience in a country like Egypt, for example, has given us a great deal of insight when starting our business services in Iran. The same goes for more developing countries. However, EUmanage is not only active on an international level; projects are running in our home country, the Netherlands, as well. Our services in these projects include staff and management training, gender issues, building a sustainable and profitable change management and quality assurance.

Often these management courses go together with trainings, which we offer in our EUlearn section. The courses are provided in the country in which the projects take place, EUmanage will pay visits to your country throughout the duration of the course and plays a role in the provision of study material.

But we offer more than management aid. Our company consults yours through advisory and coaching. Subjects like improved inspiration and teamwork, increased sustainability and productivity, reduced costs and improved revenues and morale drop by. Together with your company, EUmanage will find the best solution for you, tailor-made and effective. Our consultancy can either be performed in (funded) projects or privately organized, it depends on the specific situation. If you have questions about the possibilities there are with EUconsult, feel free to call or send an email.