About us


Innovation in all fields and sectors causes rapid changes in professional organisations and companies. Because of this, developing a sustainable business strategy is very challenging. However, it is not impossible. EUmanage believes in capacity building and progress in order to insure a sustainable future. Globalization can be used to bring people together who can help each other grow and flourish. We contribute in getting organisations a step forward so they can successfully face the current and future challenges. Our contribution is not only supported by existent knowledge but also by ‘future knowledge’, as we contribute in research on new science, skills and competences.


What is our mission? EUmanage is a young, innovative company located in the Netherlands that offers her expertise and research facilities for organizations and companies in developing countries as well as a tradeport, connecting companies all over the planet. Our aim is to help companies and academic institutions find solutions to their challenges by developing a tailor made, proactive approach. Capacity building is our main focus, along with other, situation specific subjects. EUmanage takes cultural differences between countries into account and respects every tradition.

How do we perform our mission? We bring the academic world and practice together to be as all-round as possible. Our network extends all over the world, giving opportunities for trade in either products or knowledge. Through cooperation of several parties we help our clients to oversee their challenges and help them to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and impact on all aspects of PPP (people, planet, profit). Our training experts design and deliver high impact training programmes that will change the way the employees and colleagues think and work. Our programmes come with an international perspective, whilst being applicable in the local context. By raising motivation, inspiring potential and partnering with organizations we help our clients to get the most out of their people and build a people-centred, high-engagement culture.