EUmanage is involved in multiple projects all over the globe. We have a wide range of activities, however this does not influence our quality. We provide every service with care and take our time to consult you optimally.


EUmanage is targeting Romania as the next platform for international projects in knowlsite romaniaedge transfer and capacity building.

Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in the north-western part of Transylvania, often quoted as “the heart of Transylvania” and has one of the fastest growing economies in Romania. The population of Cluj is about 500.000 people, out of which aprox. 300.000 inhabitants and 100.000 students according to the City Hall. Despite the growing economy of Cluj and its vibrant cultural and educational characteristics, there are many areas and sectors that need improvement or reform. Furthermore this city serves with many advantages for possible projects, such as its favourable geographical position and the foreign languages spoken.

Our vision is to find a suitable partner in the country, favourably in Cluj-Napoca, in order to begin joint projects. The following sectors receive priority in our search and selection: water and waste-water management, the agricultural sector and the educational system. We are keen to participate in a project that twins organizations within the framework of the Danube Transnational Programme. Interested parties from Romania are kindly invited to contact us (see contact info). By joining efforts with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of University Babes-Bolyai in Cluj, we are able to continue and progress our research on AMHAbuilt, temporary housing solutions for disaster areas. In May 2016 we will take part in the ELSEDIMA International Conference organized in Cluj.



Trade mission Iran

In 2015, EUmanage organized a trade mission the newly-accessible country Iran. The geographical location of the country and its rich reserve of raw materials give big opportunities for the Dutch market, both for imports and exports. In order to recognsite iranize the opportunities on the Iranian market as an entrepreneur, the right accompaniment is essential. EUmanage offered consultancy and tradingaid customized to its partners. Cities involved were capital Tehran and industrial city Tabriz. During this trade mission, participants got the opportunity to get to know this country from several perspectives; with business, culture and social as the most important.

In May 2016, the next mission will be organized including visiting the Oil & Gas exposition in Teheran.




AMHAbuilt – the Netherlands

Imagine a prefab, self-sufficient sustainable permanent ultra-light building, without foundation, that can be built in only three days!

Our goal is to provide these prefab houses to the inhabitants of disaster areas. Due to many disasters happening in the world there is a need for both temporary and permanent human settlements solutions. Although the concept for building houses in these areas has crystallised over the course of years, we have decided to take the challenge for inventing newer concepts. We have called the new technique system VORM3. VORM3 architectenburo and EUmanage B.V. started an alliance to do research, develop the new technique and to design a ready to sell prefab modular ultra-light building structure  (AMHAbuilt).

Currently, students are working on the energy network and building materials for the houses. Before that, five students forming  a multidisciplinary team on behalf of Windesheim Honours College were working on a detailed marketing plan and the water and waste-water management for  the AMHABUILT temporary housing solutions.  Below the opinion of one of them:

‘I’m glad to participate to something good and necessary. Be part of something bigger is a real motivation. I hope that the product Asite amhaMHABUILT will be a success and when I’ll hear about this product I could say: “I contributed to its success!”‘


(Anna Chaoui, French student at Windesheim Honours College)



NICHE – Egypt

A capacity development project in Egypt, within the following sectors: agriculture, water, waste water and gender.

This project has supported technical education and in-service training, aimed at delivering more competent technicians to the water industry labour market. In order to deliver competent technicians, technical schools and training centres of the water sector were provided with: curriculum review and development, improved pedagogic skills and quality management, leadership and management development programDSC_1011 as well as resource investments.

Training centres were aligned to provide the competencies required by the centralized career paths program through new or adapted modular training courses. These being either from within the water industry, or available through other technical vocational education programs and industries. This project’s management was carried out on behalf of the MOTT MacDonald, Nuffic and Egyptian Holding Company Water and Waste water.



Buski Sanitary Landfill – Turkey

The disposal of solid waste to landfill is a waste management strategy common to many countries worldwide. Meanwhile, the water running through this landfill is highly polluted.

In general, leachate is characterised as highly polluted waste water. Water with high COD, BOD, nitrogen and heavy metal concentrations.

The areas in which the leachatesite turk is present suffer greatly from odour nuisance. This is the case in Bursa, Turkey, near which the Buski landfill is situated. EUmanage is cooperating in significantly improving the leachate treatment plan at Buski with its goals to eliminate the odour emission altogether and to improve the effluent quality of the water. The project involves aerobic biological treatment which usually provides a biologically stable and low-odour effluent. In many cases, aerobically treated leachate is suitable again to be discharged to a large water body or a local sewer system.




Transfer of Innovation project – Hungary

In the frame of Transfer of Innovation project within the Leonardo da Vinci – Life Long Learning program, a Hungarian version of the project has been elaborated, and transportation of the Dutch-developed “Automotive” educational content and its adaptation into the Hungarian education system was implemented. Its wide recognition originates from its practical orientation, entrepreneurial content and high quality standards in e-learning and training. The LB effectively links the school, the student, and the trainee company together. The transferred product meets today’s requirements, and is environmentally friendly.

The LearningBox (LB) blended learning program is a modern, innovative educational concept, which was introduced in Hungary under a two year-old project implemented by six partners, and funded by the European Commission. The partners consist of vocational training institutions operating in the Netherlands, Spain and in Hungary. Our partners during the project were: Omneon BV, Deltion College (NL), European Consulting Education, S.L (SP), Lukács Sándor Mechatronics and Machinery Vocational School and College (HU), and Tanbusz Ltd. AUDI plant Gyor.



The integration of Syrian refugees in Dutch education

Due to the instable situation in Syria, syriea lot of refugees have found their way to Europe. These also include children who are in need of education. EUmanage has assisted a secondary school in Hoogeveen to prepare and implement special programs to help these children finding their way in the Dutch educational system. There were sixteen students participating in this program as a pilot situation, more children will follow this program after the summer holidays.



Language World – Vietnam

Answering the challenge of globalization, EUmanage wants to achieve cooperation in the field of educational processes and academic exchange with partner educational centres in developing countries, having implemented a number site vietof joint projects in for example Vietnam.
Fields of cooperation are:

  1. English and IT training, standard testing and internationally recognized certification;
  2. Management skills training activities;
  3. Recruitment of English teachers for language schools in Vietnam;
  4. Recruitment of Vietnamese students for international studies in the Netherlands.