WasteWater – Turkey

The disposal of solid waste to landfill is a waste management strategy common to many countries worldwide. Meanwhile, the water running through this landfill is highly polluted.

In general, leachate is characterised as highly polluted waste water. Water with high COD, BOD, nitrogen and heavy metal concentrations.

The areas in which the leachate is present suffer greatly from odour nuisance. This is the case in Bursa, Turkey, near which the Buski landfill is situated. EUmanage is cooperating in significantly improving the leachate treatment plan at Buski with its goals to eliminate the odour emission altogether and to improve the effluent quality of the water. The project involves aerobic biological treatment which usually provides a biologically stable and low-odour effluent. In many cases, aerobically treated leachate is suitable again to be discharged to a large water body or a local sewer system.